Superman saved your life and you didn’t realise it.

The man of steel, the last son of krypton but most importantly Martha’s son, a.k.a Superman is one of the most polarizing figures when it comes to comic book characters.

The legendary Stan Lee once said ” The character of Superman is ridiculous. He is indestructible, takes flight without any sort of explanation and uses spectacles to hide his identity, successfully, can only be threatened by kryptonite which seems to be available based on the whims of the script writer…”

Ok, dear ol stan, may he rest in peace, did not say all of the above but it still is ridiculous. So, how did this flawed character save you?

In an era when masked vigilantes, WWF and even our local shaktimaan ruled the tv screens, Superman was at his prime as well, but the difference, he was too unrelatable to imitate.

  1. He’s an alien who gets his power from the sun. We had Jadoo, even that didn’t work. At best, kids here went to a darker shade of brown.
  2. He wears his underwear outside his pants, only Ranveer Singh would attempt to pull it off.
  3. He flies without any fancy action or explanation and has x-ray + laser eyes. Basically you had kids jumping on their place for two seconds or glaring really hard at each other.

Well, that’s a whole lot better than trying to get bitten by a spider, waiting for a lightning strike to get super speed, jumping off bridges, playing with radioactive material or whatever our gullible minds told us was cool.

By having an unrelatable storyline, superman saved a lot of gullible lives out there in the real world.

Thank you, Superman.

Nobody can touch me – CM Punk


September 28, 2020 at 10:20 am

Love to see this every day !

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